• USTSA-USA Slide Show Committed to Our Teams
    USTSA-USA is committed to proving the
    best possible tournament experince for
    each of our teams.
  • Committed to FUN!
    USTSA-USA is committed to providing a
    tournament experince that is structured
    for family FUN.
  • Committed to Competition
    USTSA-USA is committed to providing
    a field of competition that allows
    each team the opportunity to compete
    at the highest level within their
    individual skill level.
  • Committed to Integrity
    USTSA-USA is committed to integrity in
    our tournament hosting Practices.

Getting Started with USTSA-USA

Teams in both Travel baseball and Fast Pitch Softball are welcome to become members of USTSA-USA. Memberships extent from August 1 thru July 31 of each calendar year. With your completed membership you will be emailed your membership number that will be required to list on the Team Roster prior to each event entered. Once membership is completed you will then only have to enter rosters once and will be allowed to make any needed adjustments as to player participation etc. To attain your membership go to the "Join USTSA" link above on this page, and complete the registration form completely.

USTSA-USA continues to work for its members as the organization moves into the future, providing competitive events in both travel baseball and fast pitch softball throughout the country. In the 2013 season USTSA-USA will implement its much desired split division qualifying format while offering Divisional World Series Play for each divisional level. The Unique format already in place will still be conducted to qualify teams. Only teams qualifying in each division will be awarded berths to the qualified Divisional World Series that the berth is earned. USTSA-USA will offer in 2013 its unique format and Divisional World Series in Douglasville Georgia as for the West Region the World Series Date and Location TBA.

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